Internal Communication audit report at BNP Paribas in Switzerland

January 24th, 2017

A record participation rate for the Internal Communication audit of BNP Paribas’ Swiss operations

Just like Groupe BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas’ operations in Switzerland are very active in terms of communications vis-à-vis its employees. It was thus natural for this division to conduct an Internal Communication audit in order to measure the latter’s performance. This study focused on two flagship tools: the monthly newsletter “Flash Suisse” and “We Make It Work”, the bank’s platform dedicated to its projects on the Swiss market. Both supports were created to shoulder the bank’s ongoing transformation.
In an ever-evolving sector that is often subject to a great number of pressures, the topic of internal communication is of high interest to staff, who are eager for new strategic and operational information, as demonstrated by the 50% participation rate in the online study, a record for this type of process!

The 2 focus groups and 8 one-on-one interviews that were carried out as a complement to the quantitative phase brought to light some very concrete avenues for improvement that could lead to greater communication efficiencies, in terms of dissemination and relevance, and to full-bodied, compelling content that is also actionable.

Another great example of monitoring as a means for greater communication efficiency!