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Area of expertise | Corporate & Brand

In a changing and complex environment, where behaviours are subject to constant change and where communications serve as a key intangible capital, maintaining healthy relationships with stakeholders is a major challenge for companies, brands and institutions. Occurrence stands alongside organisations to help them better understand the expectations of their public audiences, identify the levers for developing fruitful relationships (speeches, messages, channels, tools) and finally assess the overall relationship channels.

“Providing decision-makers with support in steering their organisation’s image by informing them on reputational issues and on their investments in communications.”


  • Assessing your organisation’s image and reputation (in relation to external audiences, BtoB and BtoC)
  • Evaluating the performance of your information and communication channels (online and offline)
  • Knowing and understanding your target audiences’ opinions and habits
  • Evaluating and testing your speeches and brand content
  • Assessing your financial communication device


  • Awareness and image studies and barometers
  • Readership studies (printed and on-line channels): company and institutions-own magazines
  • External communications channels auditing (online and offline)
  • Financial communications and annual report auditing
  • Pre- and post-tests (names, logos), evaluation of information campaigns
  • Support and consulting to communications departments, including:
    • Communications dashboards
    • Communications budget auditing
    • Brand financial evaluation

* Benchmarks available on certain types of studies


  • How do the French currently on a diet perceive the consumer food represented by my inter-branch association? Which arguments are judged credible and therefore likely to serve our influence strategy and advertising campaigns?
  • How do our internal and external stakeholders consider the mission and challenges of our public body? To what extent should this impact the reflection on our project and our objectives?
  • What is the image local residents and decision makers hold of our industrial activities? How has it progressed? To what extent communicating contributes to improving the image of our company   in relation to these audiences? How to optimise our corporate speech?
  • How to set up a brand dashboard allowing our heads of communications to be led by results?


  • Barometer of the authenticity of corporate speech, in partnership with Makheia
  • Barometer of confidence in the public speech, in partnership with Communication Publique
  • Barometer on the morale of communications officers for Communication & Entreprise
  • Benchmark of the annual reports of the 40 companies of the CAC (Paris Stock Exchange), 8 editions
  • Regular research in partnership with Cap’Com, among which a study investigating the profiles of territorial heads of communications

* 20 years experience: benchmarks available on certain types of studies