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Area of expertise | Digital & social media

The digital transformation is a groundswell that affects all aspects of organisations: economic model, international scope, brand, internal communications, external communications, employer / employee relationship.
This ongoing transformation implies risks but also opportunities, as it entails not only technical but also cultural revolutions.
Occurrence stands alongside organisations to monitor such transformation throughout its propagation: effectiveness of systems, channels, processes, but also changing perceptions, attitudes and cultures.

“Assessing the digital transformation within organisations”


  • Assessing your e-reputation
  • Identifying influencers within your digital ecosystem, including on social media
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your Paid, Owned and Earned digital investments and comparing their respective performance
  • Aligning your digital communication strategy with your overall communication strategy
  • Monitoring and optimising the impact of your digital device (website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Optimising your unit’s organisation, to meet the new requirements imposed by the digital (reactivity, interconnectivity, etc.)


  • Digital ecosystem auditing: paid, owned, earned
  • Organisations’ digital transformation audit
  • Assessment of digital campaigns’ effectiveness
  • Digital communications dashboards
  • Pre & post-test of digital channels or actions (from the redesigning of your website to the implementation of multi-media devices)
  • E-reputation analysis and intelligence
  • Mapping of digital influencers
  • Auditing of your organisation and processes


  • Which influencers shape the opinion on social media when it comes to our industry? How to deepen our relationship with them?How to meet and mobilise them? Beyond our brands’ presence, what is said about our core subjects and how to really engage our communities?Many “like” our content, but is liking equivalent to engaging?
  • Is our digital ecosystem (website, twitter feed, LinkedIn, etc.) efficient? Is it aligned and complementary to our communications strategy?
  • How do I assess the commitment of my internal communities on the new corporate social network?
  • How to accurately measure our company’s level of our digital maturity? Where do we stand today?
  • What organisation should be set up in order to meet our digital strategy’s success criteria?