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Our Vision


Who are we?

Occurrence is an independent research & consulting institute, founded in 1995 by Assaël Adary and Benoit Volatier, specialised in communications evaluation. Our dual expertise in Research and Communications is embodied in our team of 23 permanent members who combines a firm grasp of evaluation techniques with a high level of communications expertiseFor 20 years, we have been providing Communications departments of large companies and institutions with tailored solutions, in France and abroad, enabling them to inform their strategic decisions, assess the effectiveness of their actions and to optimise the management of their communications.

  • We believe that communication is a serious and measurable investment, not an expense or a burden.
  • We aim to offer organisations constructive hindsight at a time when the sense of urgency is most acute
  • We believe in the contribution of data to the business strategy, distinguishing useful data from the superfluous, which complexifies decision instead of simplifying and which abounds in times of big data
  • To sum up, we attempt to enable our clients to understand and act consequently and effectively, by informing their decisions.

Our difference: communications expertise

Assessing communications requires a deep understanding of this discipline. Occurrence‘s research executives are specialised in communications and marketing. Resorting to Occurrence therefore means working with professionals who are able to understand the issues of communications and their technical and cultural specificities. Evaluation and operational recommendations are part of the added value offered by Occurrence. A study has to translate into concrete actions to fully serve our clients’ strategies.

Measuring effectiveness: a continuous source of improvement

Our missions enable our clients to check or prove the efficiency of their communications’ strategies and actions. Far beyond the legitimacy reinforced by tangible research, the communications’ evaluation clears the path for strong progress.  It motivates the teams and provides them with clarity and directions to build the future.

Key figures

  • 23 permanent staff members
  • A turnover of  3,5M€
  • 110 missions carried out for 68 clients
  • A client satisfaction rate of 8,8 /10
  • 50% of our studies are for international clients or carried out overseas
  • A network of independent partners
  • A specialised subsidiary: Occurrence Healthcare