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Area of expertise | Media & Influence

The recent democratisation of the media space has made it possible for citizens and consumers to interact directly with organisations. Nevertheless, mainstream media still represents a key interface with all of your stakeholders.

Taking into account the importance of these actors, which relay, amplify and alter your original message entails providing your strategy and media plan with:

– Reliable means to detect, anticipate new trends, identify your brand territory, map your media environment (upstream)

– Evaluation mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of media operations, the strength and quality of your reputation, the impact of your brand discourse (downstream)

– Indicators to steer and optimise your strategy (all along)

“Helping decision makers to sharpen their media strategy.”


  • Refining your media strategy
  • Defining your brand territory
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your media operations
  • Developing management tools and reporting of your media strategy


  • Press image surveys
  • Media Diagnosis
  • PR operations reviews
  • E-reputation reviews and influencers mapping
  • Monitoring and analysis of media crisis
  • Journalist interviews
  • Support in media strategic steering


  • Benchmarks based on 125 missions performed for 90 customers
  • Audience base in France and abroad
  • 20 years of press analysis
  • Nearly 800 missions conducted for more than 110 clients
  • Analysis of over 530,000 articles in the press that generated 190 billion potential contacts

International approach. Deliverables in French or English, proficiency in four European languages ​​internally, network of external partners for other languages.


  • What lessons can be drawn from last year’s press image survey?
  • How can we optimise our media strategy?
  • How to integrate the digital sphere to develop a truly cross-media strategy?
  • How to respond to the new expectations and obligations of journalists from my sector, in terms of content, information formats and even relationship?
  • How to better manage my media strategy, through which indicators and tools?
  • What should I know about my brand’s reputation and its competitive positioning before setting up a media campaign?