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Our network


Occurrence has set in motion a diversification strategy, let by Benoit Volatier. Such diversification takes place at several levels:

  • Towards functions other than communication (DGs, Innovation, HR, CSR, CIO …)
  • For other types of customers (including middle-market companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs)
  • Towards other territories (hyperlocal or more distant, like Africa, perhaps one day)
  • Towards activities other than research, always to the benefit of organisations’ overall performance

Besides the development of the network, Benoit is involved in Occurrence’s innovation process through the development of new offers on the measurement of well-being at work, the ethical use of data, intuitive decision-making, the measurement of emotions, etc. These activities are housed in an internal incubator called Occurrence Lab, whose projects will eventually branch out into new subsidiaries of the network and/or link up with other entrepreneurs.


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Founded in 2008, Occurrence Healthcare is Occurrence’s subsidiary devoted to the health sector, the result of merging the expertise of the Observatoire de la Pharmacie (ODP) and Occurrence.

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