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Area of expertise | Internal communications & Commitment

At a time when organisations are increasingly challenged by their economic and political environment and evolve at an increasing rate, relations between internal teams and team members is an essential lever for collective performance.

Occurrence supports organisations willing to better understand their internal climate and issues in order to optimise internal relations. Occurrence helps decision-makers, heads of communications, human resources departments and DGs steer their internal communications devices and processes, promoting teams engagement and contributing to the achievement the organisation’s strategic objectives.

“Inform decision-makers on the opinion of internal stakeholders to help them make the right decisions”


  • Assessing internal and managerial communications
  • Internal and HR studies
  • Measure the teams’ commitment
  • Accompanying change 
  • Promoting and positioning internal communications


  • Internal opinion and social climate surveys and barometers
  • Internal communications studies
  • Evaluations of internal communications supports (internal newsletter, intranet, events, etc.) and processes
  • Evaluation of managerial communication
  • Organisations audits
  • Internal communications’ dashboards
  • Consulting services


  • Study investigating the profiles of public communications officers, in partnership with Cap’Com
  • Occurrence is a member and speaker of the AFCI (Association Française de référence en Communication Interne)

20 years of experience: benchmarks based on 150 missions for 80 customers over the last 5 years


  • Are our messages understood by our teams? Are they well received? Are they accessible? Do they correspond to their needs and expectations?
  • Does our organisation give meaning to the work of our teams? Do our employees adhere to our project, strategy, ambitions, vision? What image they hold of the organisation?
  • Is our internal communication effective? Does it really create value for the organisation? Does it contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives? How?
  • What do the employees of the organisation think of their work and management?