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Introducing Start-Cities

April 13th, 2017

Introducing Start-Cities, your strategic partner in the era of public consultation


Occurrence, in partnership with François Chevalier (formerly of Stratis), is launching a subsidiary dedicated to public consultation. The new team will be active in the area of strategic consulting, providing consultation expertise in the service of major regional and corporate projects in the digital age.

The new division’s shareholders are Occurrence, represented by Assaël Adary, François Chevalier, former president at Stratis, and Pierre Chavonnet, director of Occurrence’s Brands and Transformation area of expertise.

The consulting offer will be threefold:  decryption, project acceptability, public consultation strategic initiatives

The Start-Cities team is mediated by François Chevalier, managing director. It combines a brand-new set of high-level, multidisciplinary strategic competencies that harness the full power of digital technologies.

The unit is up and running, and offers three concrete intervention solutions:

  • The first is concerned with decrypting stakeholder dynamics that are increasingly complex and accelerated across new networks and new transmitters;
  • The second aims to analyse acceptability conditions for the contents of each new major project within the social environment;
  • Finally, the third one consists of assembling a custom task force in order to design and implement a global dialogue strategy insuring a “permanent social connection” between the project leaders and stakeholders across all publics.


Click here for more information about Start-Cities.