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Measuring communication’s contribution to a business organization’s global performance

April 13th, 2017

For the last few years, Entreprises et Médias,  an association that gathers heads of communication from major French and international groups, has been providing support and promotion of that role in business. In a spirit of sustainable development and performance, it has also been measuring their contribution to their companies’ strategic objectives. In order to reach these objectives, the association undertook a major initiative to measure and pilot the contribution of communication to business performance.

The strategy was two-pronged: on the one hand, it sought to strengthen the culture of performance indicators with regards to heads of communication and, on the other hand, to provide a framework of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure communication’s effective contribution to the activity and development of an organization.

Occurrence, alongside with the Little Wing agency, collaborated with Entreprises et Médias throughout the project:

  • By contributing to the production of an inventory of existing usages and references (benchmark and interviews with heads of communication who are members of the dedicated task force and the representatives of other positions in the organization, such as financial officers and purchasing managers)
  • By participating in an analysis of new trends that are guiding the work of the head of communication community regarding matters of reputation or immaterial brand value
  • By mediating a Boot Camp involving about twenty members of the association on June 24th, 2016, which allowed for the determination of the convictions of Entreprises et Médias, and to select the referential framework’s indicators.

Finally, an indicator toolbox was presented and handed over to the association members. It contained the training elements on the topic of measurement of communication, dashboards and main KPIs. Entreprise & Médias is currently handling the promotion of this process (now available in English,) among sister associations and professional unions in the field of communications.