Recylum reaps the benefits of its advertising investments

April 13th, 2017

TV, billboards, print, Web… Recylum reaps the benefits of its advertising investments


At the end of 2016, Recylum the eco-organization in charge of collecting and recycling used lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes, shone a light on their activities with an omnichannel awareness campaign aimed at the general public.

Occurrence ran online interviews of a nationwide representative sample of 2000 French residents. The size of the sample gave us reliable performance indicators on the French at large, as well as specific population categories representing priority targets for this action. The respondents gave their opinion of the campaign, which underscored the benefits of lightbulb recycling from environmental and economic standpoints, with an added focus on innovation, and 90% of them claimed to appreciate it. This score is well over Occurrence’s advertising approval standard.

The study also provided us with a number of leads to address the more stubborn audiences in forthcoming bulb recycling campaigns.