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Brainswatt: Capping off a stellar year

January 27th, 2017

2016 was an eventful year for BrainsWatt, and it winded down with some great events.

Nicolas Beretti’s TEDx video was finally made available on social networks, just in time to debate the meaning of life over Christmas Eve dinners everywhere.

At the end of November, BrainsWatt and Occurrence also headed for the sunny shores of Israel for a Learning Expedition. Shifting  from sightseeing excursions to professional meetings, participants scoured through the Startup Nation: Google, incubators, entrepreneurs, universities, kibbutz, etc.

On December 5th and 6th, BrainsWatt also organised an Innovation Sprint at Mondial Assistance: 3 teams were in charge of prototyping one project each. Fueled by tons of cola, pizza, candy and brain juice, the teams pitched their prototypes, which were produced in record time with the help of back-and front-end programmers and UI/UX designers. The teams’ work was greatly appreciated by members of the jury.