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Big ou Bug Data ? An instruction manual for data ethicists

April 11th, 2017

A new book by Assaël Adary! – In bookstores now.


The 2.5 million terabytes of data produced worldwide every day impose an urgent need to extract a sound analysis and novel reasoning. Marketing, HR, security, medicine, the American presidential elections…. Big Data now has a reach in every facet of economic, social and political life. However, its use is far from being legislated! Big data is hodgepodge of the best and worst intentions, exposing the stakeholders of this new digital Eldorado to unknown risks.

How can the producers of data prevent those risks? How can its consumers protect themselves? What criteria and norms are we to adopt in this wild frontier?

In his new book, out now on Editions du Palio, Assaël Adary, president of Occurrence, shares his reflections and solutions for a better use and a more vigilant monitoring of data in the age of Big.

Click here for more information (including the book’s table of contents) and here to order the book!